People can fly

When you dream there are no rules, people can fly, anything can happen. Sometimes there is a moment as you are awakening when you become aware of the real world around you, but you are still dreaming. You may think you can fly but you do better not try. People can fly.

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  • i think…
    in fact… people can everything…

    • You can’t read my thoughts.

      • This is only my thoughts…

        • -people can everythin;
          -you can’t read my thoughts;
          -this is only my thoughts.

          WTF? =)

          • я не пытаюсь и не хочу читать твои мысли, я всего лишь комменирую твой пост и высказываю свое мнение…

  • When we die — we can do everything .. because we won’t afraid of Death.
    Thats all what can I say.