Гугл открыл фотоархив журнала Life

Google открыл фотоархив и поиск по фотографиям одного из старейших американских журналов Life.

Доступны не только опубликованные в журнале фотографии, но и архивные, которые никто не видел. Сегодня на сайте можно найти примерно 20% всех фотографий. В течение несколькких месяцев Гугл обещает отсканировать еще 10млн. фото.


It has been a thrill for us to explore this archive, filled with images captured by LIFE’s famous photographers. See masters like Alfred Eisenstaedt and Margaret Bourke-White documenting pivotal world events, capturing the evolution of lifestyles and fashions, and opening windows into the lives of celebrities and everyday people.

One of our favorites is this classic Eisenstaedt image of children watching a puppet show.

Alfred snapped this in 1963, at the climax of Guignol’s «Saint George and the Dragon» in the Tuileries Garden in Paris. Just as the dragon is slain, some children cry out in a combination of horror and delight, while others are taken aback in shock. Every child is consumed with emotion, masterfully captured by Eisenstaedt’s camera. These amazing photos are now blended into our Image Search results along with other images from across the web.