When the sun goes down

P.S. Однажды ты проснешься и поймешь. А до этого стараешься жить.
«This evening I suggest that we continue this presence to each other by looking beyond ourselves to the larger universe we live in. If it were convenient I would suggest that we go outside this building, that we go beyond all the light and noise of the city and look up at the sky overarching the Earth. At this time in the evening we would see the stars begin to appear as the sun disappears over the horizon. The light of day gives way to the darkness of night. A stillness, a healing quiet, comes over the landscape.

It’s a moment when some other makes itself known, some numinous presence beyond human understanding. We the wonder of things as the vast realms of overwhelm the limitations of our human minds. This moment, as the sky turns golden and the clouds reflect the blazing colors of evening, we participate for a moment in the forgiveness, the peace, the intimacy of all things with each other.» EVENING THOUGHTS by Thomas Berry

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